Crazy 8s kicks off with Glow in the Dark Geometry!

Staying after school has never been so much fun! CraZy 8s After-School Math Club started season 2 on Thursday November 19th. Classes talked about shapes and what kind of shapes can be used to make 3-D figures and how 3-D figures can be used to elevate the 2-D shapes skyward. Let the building begin! Styrofoam balls and glow sticks were joined to create 2-dimensional shapes which came together to form 3-dimensional prisms. Squares became cubes and triangles tranformed into pyramids. But that wasn't even the cool part! When the lights were switched off, the mathamatical creations came to life, looking like futuristic glowing cities. Stay tuned for more math fun after Thanksgiving. Don't forget to check out more pictures in the Crazy 8s Gallery!

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