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Dear NSA Families:

What an exciting first few weeks we’ve had with the kids! It is such a joy to see their bright little faces each day and an honor and privilege to be a part of this leg of their learning journey. We’d like to take this opportunity to give you some information about the all-important, first six weeks of school.

Teachers at NSA begin the school year slowly, with the first week devoted primarily to:

*     Creating a culture and climate of warmth, safety and belonging

*     Teaching the schedule and routines of the school day

*     Introducing students to the indoor and outdoor environment and materials and how to care for them

*     Establishing expectations about the ways everyone will learn together in the year ahead

In the following 5 weeks we practice these things as we introduce more and more academics, building a solid foundation upon which to build the year’s learning. This foundation building does not compete with our academic program for time, but rather supports and strengthens it. Taking the time to establish friendly, orderly and predictable classrooms is essential to children’s academic achievement. If children feel unruly, anxious, and out of control they seldom achieve all that they are capable of.

Don't be surprised if your kids come home exhausted and sometimes irritable. Their day is busy and active and adjusting to this takes time. When children come home they often need to decompress as they make the transition from school to home. They may talk your ear off or say nothing at all. Both are normal!

All that NSA kids are practicing these first weeks of school is carefully and intentionally planned by NSA’s professional educators to give our students the best possible start to their school year. One where they feel a sense of safety and belonging and that their school and their learning is truly “theirs”. A child-centered climate where they will be both supported and challenged. A culture where it is safe to make mistakes, take academic risks, and learn from all of it. Our goal in these first six weeks is to set the best possible stage for our students to achieve our high-standard academic goals in an atmosphere of safety and cooperation.

Here’s to the adventure of learning!

The Educational Team of Natural Science Academy

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