What's like to work at Natural Science Academy

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Natural Science Academy

We’re not your typical school!

Natural Science Academy code of ethics for professional Educators:

  • Teachers act with integrity and honesty.
  • Teachers put students first in all considerations of their practice.
  • Teachers support their students’ best interests, even if it challenges traditional practice or beliefs.
  • Teachers solve problems with student needs as a priority.
  • Teachers follow policies and established procedures to maintain a coherent, purposeful and mission-driven school culture of personal and professional excellence.


Desired Skills, Attributes, and Experience

NSA’s expectations for team members include:

  • Agility: can adapt and personalize teaching approach to meet individual needs using feedback, data and research-backed best practices

    Humility: ability to admit wrongs, accept help from others and put the needs of students first. Willingness to learn what you do not yet know.

  • Rigorous expectations: a sense of urgency, high expectations and ability to motivate young people

  • Enthusiasm: demonstrates vision, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, positivity and excitement
  • Adventuresome Spirit: Takes risks and tries new approaches, curious and passionate about science, the natural world and teaching and learning outdoors
  • Solutions-Orientation: able to focus on identifying and solving problems,
  • Teamwork: works well in and helps lead a team using authentic communication
  • Versatility: brings strengths and passions across multiple content and specialty areas
  • Integrity, work ethic, honesty, curiosity and a passion for growth and excellence


Are you someone who lives to learn and wants to pass that enthusiasm onto your students?

Responsibilities for educators at NSA include, but are not limited to:


  • Design instruction using research—based strategies with an awareness of current best-practices in teaching and learning

  • Implement cross-curricular instructional activities to enable high levels of learner engagement and understanding

  • Differentiate learning and develop curriculum and extensions by beginning with the end in mind

  • Work creatively, transparently and collaboratively to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning

  • Determine specific learning needs by analyzing performance data 

  • Create and continuously improve real-time, authentic, formative, progress monitoring and summative common assessments

  • Infuse science and nature across all curricular areas

  • Pursue professional development to increase your expertise as an educator


At NSA, you’ll have freedom to innovate, and supportive and upbeat colleagues.  If you’re a creative, resourceful, team-player ready to take full ownership for student academic growth, make NSA your new home.