Ordway Research Station

Kids and bees. Not something most people would think of as a good combination. But bees are important pollinators who make it possible for us to enjoy many, many of the foods we all depend upon. NSA kids spent time this spring exploring the connection between bees, flowers and food. To kick up the relevance of this unit of study, in May NSA kids took an adventure across the river to the Katherine Ordway Field Station in Inver Grove Heights where Apiarist Erin Rupp, introduced our young scientists to her honey bees, bee keeping and pollinator conservation. Not just by talking, oh no. She took each class into the bee hives to watch real, live pollinators at work. They handled honey frames crawling with bees, observed baby bees (larva) and one class even found the queen! They'll never think of bees the same way again and never forget the important connection between this little insect and themselves.