Folk Dance Artist Residency


Our Artist-in-Residence Ms.Robin started working with the kids by grade level last week. NSA kids will learn a variety of folk dances and songs, primarily from North America. As the students learn the dances, we will discover together the connections between dancing and singing together and building community. Goals for the kids include: 

Artistic Goals:

• Enjoy dancing and singing in a comfortable and safe environment.

• Feel and express a steady beat while dancing and singing.

• Continue to develop an awareness of personal and general space through nonlocomotive, locomotive, and integrated movement.

• Continue to develop an awareness of the relationship between music and dance: how the music is organized and how the dance ?ts the music.

• Learn and understand basic folk dance terminology.

• Begin to develop con?dence in their singing and dancing through practice and positive experience.

Academic Goals:

• Continue to practice listening and following directions.

• Learn about aspects of social history through traditional dance (Social Studies).

• Learn to recognize repeated sequences in dance (numeric and movement), and melodic sequences in song (Math).

• (Grades 1-3) Be supported in their reading skills by learning songs both aurally and visually (Literacy).

Social Goals

Students will:

• Practice civility through dance etiquette.

• Practice cooperation in order to dance and sing together successfully.

• Experience community through dancing and singing together.

The best part? On Thursday November 17, NSA will host a family event with live music a potluck and dancing. Your kids can't wait to teach you what they've been learning!

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