So what is a "Peop" anyway?


So what is a "Peop" anyway? It's pronounced "Peep" and it's short for "people", tiny little people. Well, not real people but model people. Scientists are very fond of using models in their work and NSA's young scientist scholars are no exception! In science a model is " a simplified representation used to test or explain ideas when using the real thing isn't possible or practical." (simplified explanation) So the Owls used these model people to test the model sun shelters they designed for protections from both the sun's heat and the ultra-violet rays responsible for sunburn. You may be thinking, okay, how will you test for sunburn on a little pipe cleaner person? Easy! You put a UV sensitive bead around their tiny necks. That's a bead that changes color when UV waves hit it. It's a model sunburn! Check out some pics of these science models in action in the photo gallery. 

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