NSA Spring Clean-up Day

Trev carrying sticks

So Earth Day happened on a Saturday this year and the week before was a cold, windy, rainy mess. Not at all condusive to working contentedly outside for the betterment of our outdoor habitat! So we figured the mess would wait and picked a really nice day to invite familes and friends to come pitch in to clean up the gardens, remove trash from the storm sewers (they drain straight to the river you know) and other important spring cleaning tasks. 

We had a visit from the Washington County Watershed District to prepare us for our storm drain stenciling outting, happening at the end of May. Then out we went to beautify out outdoor space. A couple boys found the first bumble bee of the season. They begged me to let them pet its "fur." (I let them.)They collected a dandelion for it and she climbed right on! Last years' kids seem forever connected to pollinators and I often eavesdrop on their conversations with new students about what bees eat and why we don't hurt them. "Well, they eat nectar and pollen, you know!", "Bees don't sting for no reason."

It ended up being a fun, busy, productive day that included a fire to burn last years' dry growth - exciting! And a families staying for a pizza lunch - delicious! Check out the pictures in the gallery.

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