Storm Drain Stenciling



Did you know that most of the drinking water in the Twin Cities area comes from the Mississippi?

Did you know garbage, cigarette butts, oil from cars and road salt all enter the Mississippi river through storm drains? 

Well, NSA kids know and they are concerned about this yucky stuff getting into our drinking water and the food and homes of animals living in or near the river, and wanted to do something about it.

As part of our vision to foster environmental literacy in our young scientist scholars, NSA chooses a context to focus on for each school year. This year we chose the importance of water. The kids have been learning and working on projects related to water all year and have visted the river several times in different places along its route, including by boat.

This week we worked with a river science educator to stencil the storm drains around our school to remind people that trash and other pollutants enter the river through the storm drains in our neighborhood. We can all help keep our water clean if we remember that which is what the storm drain stenciling does; remind us.

We can all help if we keep garbage out of the srom sewers, clean the storm sewers by our houses and sweep us extra road salt so it doen't wash into the river. Check out the gallery of our school-wide stenciling adventure.

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