Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Natural Science Academy meets the third Tuesday of each month at 4:15 pm. Our meetings are open to the public.

See below for an important announcement. 

Current Members: 

Zachary Fjelstad - Teacher Member

Katrina Nichols - Teacher Member

Tasha Steinmetz - Parent Member

Kristi Ruport - Parent Member

Harry Adler - Community Member


The Board of Directors is the organized group of volunteers who, collectively, are legally and morally accountable to the community for the health, vitality and effectiveness of Natural Science Academy (NSA). The Board’s primary role is governance, which encompasses legal responsibilities, general oversight, planning and policy-making and meeting fiduciary requirements. The Board only has authority when it votes as a group. “No single member has the authority for the board as a whole” (Joyaux 2006).


The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 26th at 4:15pm.

Due to stay-at-home order this meeting will not be held on school property. Please follow the instructions below for remote access.


  1. Go to the meeting invite and select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.

  2. That'll open a webpage, where you'll see two choices: Download the Windows app and Join on the web instead. If you join on the web, you can use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Your browser may ask if it's OK for Teams to use your mic and camera. Be sure to allow it so you'll be seen and heard in your meeting.

  3. Enter your name and choose your audio and video settings. If the meeting room (or another device that's connected to the meeting) is nearby, choose Audio off to avoid disrupting. Select Phone audio if you want to listen to the meeting on your mobile phone.

  4. When you're ready, hit Join now.

  5. This will bring you into the lobby. We'll notify the meeting organizer that you're there, and someone in the meeting can then admit you.


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