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Artist-in-residence Fall 2019

This year our artist in residence will be Guerreiro from Capoeira Minnesota. Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that expands the traditional martial art boundary and incorporates dance, acrobatics, music, and culture. The students will have an opportunity to learn this art form from Guerreiro whom started practicing Capoeira in 1996 and currently teaches throughout the twin cities and surrounding cities. Through this four week journey students will be introduced to the vast movements while being exposed to traditional instruments and song. At the end of their 4 weeks Guerreiro is invited to our PAC event on December 17, the Spoon Full of Talent Night. The students will be able to showcase what they have learned over the past 4 weeks with Guerreiro. The parents and staff are invited to participate in the experience.

More information about Capoeira MN can be found at

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